Plugins To Try: SSL Fusion Violet EQ

Plugins To Try: SSL Fusion Violet EQ

The SSL Fusion Violet EQ by Solid State Logic is a software plugin meticulously modelled after the hardware unit's 2-band shelving EQ. This plugin offers a distinctive take on shaping your audio, making it a valuable tool for mixing engineers.

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Why is it Worth Trialling?

The SSL Fusion Violet EQ stands out for its simplicity, musicality, and the touch of classic analogue character it imparts on your audio. Unlike many multi-band EQs, the Violet EQ focuses on two key areas: the low and high shelves. This paired with SSL's renowned analogue modelilng makes it perfect for sculpting the tonal balance of your mixes.

Main Features

  • Modelled Analog Character: At its core, the Violet EQ emulates SSL's first new analogue EQ circuit in over 25 years, delivering a smooth, musical character to your audio.
  • Two Shelving Bands: The Violet EQ keeps things simple with two shelving bands that allow you to target specific areas of the spectrum using four selectable frequencies for each band.
  • High-Pass Filter (HPF) with "FAT" Button: Use the high-pass filter (30Hz, 40Hz, or 50Hz) to clean up low-end build-up in your individual tracks. The unique "FAT" feature allows you to subtly compensate for lost low-end when using the HPF.
  • Input and Output Trim: Gain staging is crucial for getting the best out of any EQ. Use the input trim to ensure a healthy signal is hitting the Violet EQ, and use the output trim to compensate for any level changes after EQ is applied.
  • Hz and kHz: Each band of the Violet EQ offers four frequency points, clearly marked in Hz (for lows) and kHz (for highs) for precise selection.

Main Benefits

  • Sculpt Powerful Low End: Give your music extra weight and depth with the Violet EQ's carefully chosen frequencies and analogue-inspired response – perfect for bass, low synths, and kick drums.
  • Enhance High-Frequency Detail: Add shimmer and airy sparkle to your mix, bringing out presence in guitars, cymbals, and vocals.
  • Clean Up Your Mix: Get rid of unnecessary low-frequency muddle and free up headroom by using the high-pass filter on individual tracks.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The Violet EQ's intuitive design makes it easy to find the sound you're after quickly.
  • Warm Analog Vibe: Subtly enhance the overall feel and character of your mixes with a touch of classic SSL warmth.

Tips and Tricks Using Specific Controls

  • Kick Drum + Fat Button: Boost at 30Hz or 50Hz on the low shelf for extra punch. Engage the "FAT" button on the HPF to compensate for potential low-end loss if you're filtering out rumble below 30Hz.
  • Bass Guitar + Input Trim: Carefully adjust the input trim until you see the signal hitting the Violet EQ at a healthy level without clipping. Boost at 50Hz or 90Hz for warmth and roundness, and use the HPF to cut any muddiness.
  • Electric Guitars + HPF and High Shelf: Experiment with the high-pass filter to remove unwanted low-end boominess from your guitar tracks. Boost with the high shelf in the 8kHz - 20kHz range for extra presence and bite.
  • Vocals + Input/Output Trim and Shelves: Use input trim for healthy gain staging, then subtly boost with the low shelf at 90Hz for warmth. Add a touch of brightness with a high shelf boost in the 12kHz - 20kHz range. Adjust output trim to compensate for any gain changes.

Remember: These are just starting points! Experimentation is key to finding the perfect settings for your individual tracks and mixes.

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