The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the Audio Industry: Why It Matters and How We Can Do Better

The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the Audio Industry: Why It Matters and How We Can Do Better

By Rich Steve Beck

The world of audio engineering is one defined by technical skill, creativity, and a passion for shaping sound. However, like many technical fields, it has a lingering problem: a lack of diversity and true inclusion for people of all backgrounds. This isn't just a social justice issue; it's a practical problem that limits our industry's potential. 

The Problem: A Lack of Representation

Take a look around your studio, the next audio conference, or even just the credits on your favourite albums. Chances are, you'll see a workforce largely dominated by a single demographic. This homogeneity isn't intentional malice, but rather the consequence of systemic barriers and unconscious bias throughout the pipeline of audio careers. The result is that the voices and experiences of women, people of colour, those in the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals with disabilities are often underrepresented in our field.

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Why It Matters: The Benefits of Diverse Voices

  • Creativity: Audio engineering is an art form, and just like any art, it thrives on a multitude of perspectives. Different backgrounds and life experiences inform innovative approaches, unique sonic choices, and ultimately better work for clients.
  • Problem-solving: Diverse teams are better at solving complex problems. In audio, this translates to troubleshooting sessions that benefit from multiple vantage points, leading to quicker and more effective solutions.
  • Reach: A diverse audio workforce can better understand and connect with a diverse audience. This is crucial as our work extends into everything from music to film, podcasts, and gaming – all with global audiences.
  • Cultural Impact: Audio shapes our perception of the world. When the people behind the mixing board reflect the full spectrum of society, they help craft a more nuanced, inclusive sonic landscape for everyone.

How We Can Make Progress

Building a genuinely diverse and inclusive audio industry isn't about tokenism or quick fixes – it requires sustained effort at multiple levels:

  • Mentorship & Education: Creating pathways into audio careers for underrepresented groups through mentorship, scholarships in audio education, and targeted outreach programs.
  • Challenging Bias: Actively examine our own biases and blind spots. Commit to hiring practices that prioritise diversity and create environments where everyone can voice their perspectives without fear.
  • Amplifying Diverse Voices: Seek out, promote, and celebrate the work of audio engineers from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Building Inclusive Communities: Foster online and offline spaces where audio professionals of all backgrounds can network, learn, and support each other.
  • Holding Ourselves Accountable: This can't just be a conversation – it requires measurable goals for diversity within companies and a willingness to acknowledge where we can improve.

It's on All of Us

Diversity and inclusion in audio engineering aren't niche concerns; they're crucial to the health and future of our industry. Whether you're a studio owner, a freelance engineer, an educator, or simply someone passionate about sound, we each have a role in creating a more welcoming and equitable field.

The benefits of embracing diversity aren't just abstract; they are tangible and transformative. Let's commit to taking action – and let those actions turn into a richer, more resonant audio world for everyone.

Rich Steve Beck is the creator and owner of Produce Mix Fix Conquer/We Are PMFC and PMFC Atlas. As well as being a Mastering Engineer, Blogger, Podcast Interviewer and Community Leader, Rich has 20 years + experience in finance, insurance, account management and online marketing. This will be a regular series supporting new up and coming audio engineers and producers as well as hopefully throwing around some fresh ideas to industry veterans to help assist sustainability. Cherry pick what is helpful, leave behind what you don't need. Good luck on your audio adventures! 

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